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Tokyo Declaration on Improving the Visibility and Energy Performance of Asset Investments by Financial Institutions

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As one of the relevant outcomes  of the G20 in the field of energy efficiency, held the last June 12th in Tokyo, over 150 high-level delegates and participants concluded a shared declaration on improving the visibility and energy performance of asset investments.

The Summit participants, financial institutions, supporting networks and experts, declared to the G20 Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth, that to increase the innovative financing and capital sources for our Energy Transition, a set of recommendations should be tahek in to account.


In particular:


1-To foster an increased transparency of the energy performance of banks’ assets through their accelerated tagging to nationally appropriate energy performance metrics, leading with buildings.


2-To promote the exemplary role for public financial institutions in their consideration of energy performance in all new real estate lending activities, and as a priority to review and tag existing assets, leveraging digital innovation where relevant.


3-To promote best practices, and to track the commitments made to tag assets’ energy performance through networks of leading financial institutions, like the UNEP FI Energy Efficiency Finance Platform, inter alia.


4-To consider smart enabling infrastructure in cities and the built environment that can yield important systemic efficiency gains, including efficient building design to reduce heating and cooling requirements, super-efficient cooling devices, electric vehicle charging and heat pumps in combination with smart renewable energy solutions.


The complete declaration is available here, on the website of the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation.