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The Involvement of Banks and Mobilising Private Investment - ManagEnergy Master Class

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ManagEnergy Master Classes are designed to support senior staff within local and regional energy agencies in building their knowledge and capacity of sustainable energy project financing and development. To ensure that the Master Class is tailored to meet the needs of this target group please consider and complete the following questions carefully as they will form part of the evaluation criteria for your application.

This will be the last ManagEnergy Master Class on Module 2. While Module 1 focuses on Project Development and the Involvement of Banks, Module 2 is mainly about Understanding Banks and Mobilising Private Investments.


In this Module, participants are introduced to the fundamentals of financial accounting (balance sheets, profit and loss account, cash-flow statement), the characteristics of financial instruments (cash flow, rights, obligations, contingent payments, risk, debts vs. equity, capital structure and leverage effect, cost of capital, Incentive effects and risk allocation) and the basics of banking.


The goal is to teach local and regional energy agencies' staff the language of bankers and investors in order to trigger investments for their project ideas and potential new services.


As for other Master Classes, this Class will include lots of group work and practical case studies.

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