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RESTORE Newsletter #22 (August 2019)

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The RESTORE Action aims at a paradigm shift towards restorative sustainability for new and existing buildings, promoting forward thinking and multidisciplinary knowledge, leading to solutions that celebrate the richness of design creativity while enhancing users’ experience, health and wellbeing inside and outside buildings, in harmony with urban ecosystems, reconnecting users to nature. Find more about our Action at the official website, the action website, and our social media accounts...

#22 Newsletter includes:


-Application open to 4th CA16114 RESTORE Training School - The 4-day Autumn 2019 COST RESTORE Training School “Rethinking technologies for regenerative indoor environment” is open to European professionals, researchers, PhD and master students with relevant skills in one (or more) of the thematic areas: products, manufacturing, facility management, design and advisor. Experience and focus on regenerative and sustainable approach are privileged.


-Call for Chapters - RESTORE Final Book now in Progress - The RESTORE Editorial Committee is calling for chapter contributions to the forthcoming editorial project “COST Action RESTORE Final Book”: “REthinking Sustainability TOwards a Regenerative Economy”. A guide for practitioners, researchers and decision-makers (2021)


-STSM Funding available! Apply now - Politecnico di Torino has just posted a new hosting proposal for visitors interested in applying decision making and data analysis techniques to develop an evaluation tool for regenerative building systems. Please see the details of this offer and others here.


-Pre-announcement of RESTORE WG4 Industry Workshop - In our last newsletter, we already reported about organizing a workshop with industry representatives in the field of WG4 "Restorative Technologies". 


-Think about the environment when you travel for RESTORE - One of our RESTORE projects is to convert our construction carbon monitoring tool ( into an event / meeting carbon monitoring tool. One quick test exercise has been done lately for a rough estimate of the carbon for the June Riga Meeting, with interesting results…. 


-RESTORE Media supports our Communication - Our RESTORE project uses several online media to share our work with others inside and outside the ACTION about activities in the Working Groups, Technical Trainings, Short Term Scientific Missions, held RESTORE Meetings etc.


-Conferences - There are many upcoming events to be found on our decided website! For additional event recommendations please visit our information page:


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