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Liveable & fit for the future. People as the centre of sustainable construction

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We spend up to 90 percent of our time in buildings. This should already be a sufficient argument to make sure that buildings are not only understood as functional places to reside, but also as an environment, with people as the central focus. Buildings have a massive impact on our health, ability to recuperate and our productivity.


This is often overlooked, but irrefutable. Builders and designers often only ask themselves these questions too late or not at all, and when the building is already constructed and occupied.


Much knowledge has been generated regarding this topic in the last decades, such as how to prevent illnesses through correctly designed built environment and optimum working conditions.


We must build high quality buildings, which are therefore a symbol of valuing people. And not only for working: also our dwellings or buildings where we spend our free time.


Spaces must be adjusted to the requirements of people, and not the other way around. This applies for school pupils, for factory workers, for office workers and for residents.


This report will explain how it is possible to very specifically design and build for people, as well as how the persons involved in designing, building and operating buildings can use these approaches.


Based on scientific knowledge, it is intended to show what can be done in the design, implementation, and running operation phases to ensure and improve the health, the well-being and the performance of the people in the buildings.


The actual determining factor for successful new construction, refurbishment or conversion projects is high satisfaction of those who use the space.