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Teeschools e-learning platform on energy efficiency

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This tool consists of a platform developed within Interreg Mediterranean and its main activities include pilot activities, on-line tool, open lessons, conferences, trainings, e-platform. Dissemination activities, such as press articles, social media, external events, a short video, technical publications are part of the publication content.


Its main goal is to provide the vision over the future of energy savings in the MED area, with attention on energy efficiency of school buildings, the ideal building to reach and train students, families and private users and to trigger effective behavioral changes.


The platform https://formacion.fvmp.es/login/index.php  aims to familiarise professionals, experts and students from 7 Mediterranean countries - Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus - with energy efficiency issues. 


The participant can register in the platform and repeat the test as many times as he/she likes. 


First thing, the participant has to fill in the registration form and send it to Teeschools partner of her/his country.