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Unlocking Europe’s energy savings potential through Private Finance for Energy Efficiency: the PF4EE Web-Check Tool

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The European Investment Bank in cooperation with the European Commission have initiated the Private Finance for Energy Efficiency (PF4EE) instrument, and thus provide access to adequate and affordable financing for energy efficiency.


In collaboration with up to 10 pilot banks in Europe, PF4EE offers preferential loans for private economic entities who want to invest in energy saving projects. In order to pre-assess the feasibility of the investment, the on-line PF4EE Web-Check Tool has been developed.


The tool aim to support financial intermediaries in marketing dedicated energy efficiency financing, raise awareness for the energy savings potential in different sectors, and facilitate on-lending for energy efficiency. 


Users of the tools can benefit from the following key features:


  • Get an idea on the savings potential of energy efficiency projects
  • Assess about 20 typical measures in buildings and industry
  • Obtain energy, cost, and CO2 savings estimates
  • Download a pdf summary


The PF4EE WebCheck helps interested users (e.g. companies) to assess whether their energy savings project meets the main programme criteria. It can also serve as a source of inspiration for companies without concrete project ideas.


The PF4EE Web-Check is currently available for Italy, Spain, Croatia, Portugal and it is available free-of-charge and without registration.