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DigiPLACE online information seminar (in French)

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In modern economy, digitalisation is a major driver of productivity growth across industries and services. To remain competitive in an increasingly globalised market, the EU economy must transform itself digitally.

Join the Community of Stakeholders and actively contribute to the building of the European Digital Platform for the construction ecosystem


DigiPLACE online information seminar taking place on 9 July 2020, 14.00 - 16.00.


Please note that this seminar will be conducted in French.


Registration is now open


About the project

DigiPLACE is a framework allowing the development of future digital platforms as common ecosystems of digital services that will support innovation, commerce, etc. It will define a Reference Architecture Framework for digital construction platform based on an EU-wide consensus involving a large community of stakeholders, resulting in a strategic roadmap for successful implementation of this architecture.


The construction sector is characterised by a high presence of SMEs, low capitalisation, a low rate of higher educated employees, low investment in innovation, and a long supply chain. Moreover, in the EU market, different languages, taxation, and regulatory frameworks are obstacles to synergies. DigiPLACE will address those issues and exploit the EU added value.


This project is the first ever proposal targeting the digital transformation of the construction industry to receive EU funding from Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT).


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