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Webinar | How to set-up a One-Stop-Shop for home energy renovation

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How to set-up a One-Stop-Shop for home energy renovation

The 08 July 2020 from 11:00 until 12:30


This webinar will focus on the conclusions of the INNOVATE project and give practical recommendations on how to set up a One-Stop-Shop.


About this Event

The webinar will present the final results and conclusions of Innovate, a 3-years EU-funded project whose main objective is to develop and roll-out One-Stop-Shop (OSS) for home energy renovation in 11 targeted territories.


Through an interactive discussion, the various partners involved in the project will give practical recommendations to newcomers on how to set-up a OSS and will present what really matters when starting a one-stop-shop project.


The inspiring experience of Innovate partners will give answers to questions such as: what do we mean by OSS? What different OSS business model have been identified and tested? What are their (dis)advantages? How to design your own business model and business plan? Where to start and what to expect when setting-up a OSS?


The webinar will also highlight the role of local and regional authorities in setting up one-stop-shops and how they can support the market development.


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