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MOBISTYLE - The Expert tool

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Credits: H2020 MOBISTYLE project

The MOBISTYLE Expert tool has been developed within the H2020 project MOBISTYLE and it aims to allow the visualization and management of a big amount of data available from a building monitoring.


Through the use of the tool, the experts are able to filter the information they need, to calculate pre-defined KPIs, but also to set up their own KPIs. The Expert Tool has been designed in such a way that it fixes only some boundary conditions. It allows the user to filter information, make simple calculations, and export the data in the most suitable way.


The Expert Tool is built upon the existing RE Suite software package developed and commercialized by the consortium partner DEMO Consultants. In general terms the Expert Tool will be an additional module to the RE Suite package for real estate asset management.


Main functionalities


Thanks to the sensor technologies, whose costs are getting lower, the amount of data collected during the building operation, identifying various physical quantities is expanding rapidly. In the construction sector, building managers and owners deal with a lot of different data and information – such as sensors data, smart meter data, and energy bills – coming from different sources and available in different formats.


Nevertheless, in some situations, this data is easy accessible, available or readable but, often it could be difficult to extract the needed data and to interpret in a homogeneous way.


The MOBISTYLE expert tool addresses these problems and allows to:


1.    Manage the data - access to the damta for visualization, filtering and validation purposes.


2.    Calculate KPI's -  visualization of and download KPIs on energy, comfort and health.


3.   Support the needs of third parties tools - possibility to export the data in the most suitable format. This functionality guarantees the interoperability between the Expert Tool and the other software programs used by the expert for evaluation and analysis purposes.


It is possible to request a demo of the tool sending an e-mail to the project address: info@mobistyle-project.eu