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Energy Cat Game

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Screenshot of the game – source: http://www.energycatgame.com

This tool has been eveloped within the H2020 project EnerGAware with the scope of decreasing energy consumption and emissions to increase the affordable housing tenants’ understanding and engagement in energy efficiency.


To cope the issue, the project developed serious game, the Energy Cat Game, where the player will take the role of a cat who dreams about living in the house of tomorrow : a house both energy efficient and comfortable.


To attain this objective, Energy Cat has to be attentive to the behaviour of his humans and neighbours in order to improve their bad habits and make energy savings for them.


The tool is based on real energy data gathered from sensors located in the homes of the players.


Thanks to the game, players can follow their energy consumption in real time at the same time as they can learn energy saving strategies and new habits to reduce their energy bill. In this way, players make real energy savings in their home will receive rewards in the game.


The Energy Cat is the main character that the player controls. He dreams about living in the house of tomorrow but unfortunately, the human with whom Energy Cat lives does not really take care of his energy consumption. He forgets about turning off lights or the television or opens the windows while the heater is on. The player has to act to change the behaviour of Energy Cat’s master but also that of his neighbours.


The nighbours are also defined according some typical users that have a specific energy consumption attitude: the “Brightest Family”,very dizzy and carefree, the “ O'Tea Family”, on the cutting edge of technology and interested in testing everything but don’t care about their energy consumption, “Mrs Young” an old woman who doesn’t really like technical novelties and “the Green Family”, where new tricks and energy saving tips are always implemented.


If you want to know more about the Energy Cat Game, visit the official page http://www.energycatgame.com/, the website of EnerGAware project and for starting to play, the App is available on Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.embarcadero.CATEnergyB....