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procuRE: Achieving 100% RES in existing buildings - innovation procurement

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Horizon2020 project procuRE: Pre-commercial Procurement of Breakthrough Solutions for 100% Renewable Energy Supply in Buildings is starting the Open Market Consultation. Six cities (Barcelona, Istanbul, Velenje, Nuremberg, Vila Nova de Gaia, Eilat) are to procure R&D services for a total sum of €7.68 million (see also PIN on TED).


Problem: Advanced retrofits with multiple technologies are challenges that all building operators face today. Integration of the optimal selection of cutting-edge renewable energy, monitoring and control technologies requires a level of expertise most property owners and their planners cannot be expected to acquire. The relevant sector is extremely fragmented and investors have a natural preference for low-risk solutions and an aversion to complexity.


Solution: procuRE is going to invest in R&D services by suppliers who are to develop a platform/framework which enables them to conduct advanced retrofits more quickly. A core element is a new co-design approach which allows procurers to make transparent and confident choices even for complex solutions. The approach is to be demonstrated in schools and offices but shall be open to any type of buildings.


To learn about the opportunity, suppliers of building technologies and solutions as well as building operators can: