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ACE - 2020 Annual report & 2021 outlook

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Credits: Architechts' Council of Europe

Founded in Treviso, Italy, in May 1990, the ARCHITECTS’ COUNCIL OF EUROPE (ACE) is the representative organisation for the architectural profession at European level. ACE’s mission is:


  • To influence, through advocacy, EU legislation & policies that impact on our strategic priorities.
  • To be an influential and valued source of authoritative information for the architectural profession in Europe.
  • To act as the unified voice of the architectural profession in the European institutions.
  • To be an effectively networked representative body for EU architects and practices.
  • To create an enabling practice and regulatory environment for architects & practices.
  • To demonstrate the role of architects in creating a truly competitive, enriching and sustainable Europe.

CE’s Vision is to make a difference, and to advance architecture as a strategy for innovation, leading to greater competitiveness and profitability.


In this report you will find:


  • The President's report
  • Statement: The new European Bauhaus - making the Renovation Wave a cultural project
  • Secretary General´s report
  • Access to the profession: Advancing highest professional standards
  • Practice of the profession and trade in services
  • Achieving quality in the built environment (Baukultur)
  • EU-funded projects
  • Communications
  • Strategic alliances and networks
  • Treasurer´s report and financial out-turn for 2020
  • ACE structure
  • Political context and priorities for 2021

For further information, please check the attached PDF file.

Additional documents