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Fueling Energy Efficiency In Buildings

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EuroACE Session at Sustainable Energy Week 2010 Wednesday, 24 March 9:00-12:30 at the Charlemagne Building The greatest potential for using energy intelligently in cities is found in buildings. With, inter alia, the agreement on the recast of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, Europe is setting the blueprint for transforming the energy use in Europe's building stock over the next 10 years. These measures will not be successful unless adequate and effective financing mechanisms are made available. In 2009, EuroACE produced the first comprehensive overview of the financial and fiscal instruments currently available in EU Member States to promote the sustainable use of energy in buildings ( On 24 March 2010, EuroACE intends to present the results of an updated survey that goes beyond this current paper by highlighting best practice case studies; by identifying specific measures for the private, social and public sectors; and by providing recommendations on the best type of financial policies and mechanisms for the European market. The conference will showcase the results of the study and inform participants of the mechanisms and best practice available to finance the growing market for nearly zero energy and large-scale retrofitting of buildings. This information will facilitate the implementation of upcoming energy efficiency measures in buildings.
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