Delivering the energy transition for jobs, growth and investment     This high-level conference, which will take place on 7 November 2017 in Brussels, Belgium, focuses on how to finance clean energy as well as create jobs and boost economic growth.  
Post date: 11 Οκτ 2017
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REFURB Conference 2017 will take place on 10 October 2017 in Brussels, Belgium, organised by the REFURB project in coordination with Renovate Europe. The event focuses on how to activate house owners towards investing in deep energy refurbishment, as well as on the extent at which deep energy refurbishment of existing buildings can be an important part of the green transition.     Conference topics
Post date: 9 Οκτ 2017
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Affordable warmth, clean growth - Action Plan for a comprehensive Buildings Energy Infrastructure Programme  
Post date: 5 Οκτ 2017
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Green buildings represent a major global investment opportunity, with buildings making up the largest segment of the US$ 231 billion energy efficiency market. In the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)’s countries of operations, buildings also represent a challenge. Currently, building renovation rates and practices in these countries are far below Paris Agreement targets.
Post date: 29 Σεπ 2017
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This report, released by the Institute of Environmental Economics-Efficient Poland Initiative (IEE-EP) focuses on investment needs among owners of single-family buildings (SFBs).   The report summarises a survey research performed in 2017 among owners of single-family Houses, and was inspired by the declaration of Polish Government that it will develop a national programme supporting thermal-modernisation of SFBs. The document provides answers to issues related to the structure of the programme to be developed.   Main findings include:  
Post date: 25 Σεπ 2017
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Energy performance contracts in the public sector offer a practical solution to make public buildings and other public infrastructures more energy efficient, as the initial investment can be covered by a private partner and repaid by guaranteed energy savings. However, frequently this type of contract simultaneously contains elements of a rental, service, lease, purchase or loan agreement, making its recording complex.  
Post date: 21 Σεπ 2017
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The Energy Union Framework Strategy includes energy efficiency as one of its five dimensions and states it is to be considered as an energy source in its own right. The ambitious Paris climate agreement also underlines the importance of energy efficiency. To realise its full potential, public funds will not suffice and private financing will have to be unlocked on a large scale.  
Post date: 4 Σεπ 2017
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The International Energy Research Centre (IERC) has been selected by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 initiative to coordinate a €2m research project on the development of new business models in energy efficiency and demand response programmes.  
Post date: 30 Αυγ 2017
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This report focuses on the main barriers to deep renovation that municipalities in Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia have to face. The barriers are divided into six groups which correspond to the categories identified by BPIE as the main topics that should be given serious consideration to facilitate a successful planning and delivery of national renovation strategies and their renovation potential:
Post date: 18 Αυγ 2017
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The Horizon 2020 funded project PRODESA (Energy Efficiency Project Development For South Attica) aims to assist seven major municipalities in Athens Metropolitan Area to launch showcase energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, utilising innovative financial tools and attracting private investments.   More specifically the project’s objectives include:  
Post date: 15 Αυγ 2017
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