On 24 October, the 2017 Global District Energy Climate Awards were revealed during the International District Cooling and Heating Conference in Qatar. The finalists were selected from cities and communities across the globe which demonstrate local district energy leadership in providing clean and sustainable energy solutions.  
Post date: 26 Οκτ 2017
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What about GMOs in our homes?   Adopting biobased materials in home building can slash construction costs, but is Europe ready to put aside its fears about GM products?   One of the main contributors of CO2 emissions are the homes we live in. In the EU, buildings are responsible for 36% of CO2emissions and 40% of energy consumption.  
Post date: 9 Οκτ 2017
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 REMOURBAN and Lighthouse cities at the “100% Climate Neutrality Conference” in Sønderborg   The Climate Conference in Sønderborg (Denmark) is a biannual appointment for representative from municipalities, industry and academia to enter a dialogue about the best solutions to reach their climate goals at city, regional and national levels.  
Post date: 6 Οκτ 2017
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This report released by Copenhagen Economics and commissioned by the Swedish Energy Agency and the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, aims to assess and quantify to what extent there are likely multiple benefits from energy related renovations of the Swedish building stock. Multiple benefits accrue in addition to the direct savings in energy bills and may entail health effects from better outdoor air quality and indoor environment.   The report finds that:  
Post date: 5 Οκτ 2017
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One Click LCA is the highest rated Life-Cycle Assessment software for BREEAM, with a 100% Mat 01 rating, which means our users can achieve maximal LCA credits easily. We also provide modules for Life-Cycle Costing, Infrastructure, and Ecodesign, and we are compliant with more than 20 certification schemes, including  LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, Energie Carbone, HQE, and many more.  
Post date: 29 Σεπ 2017
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By Marianna Papaglastra (Sympraxis Team) and François Rémi Carrie (ICEE)     Insufficient compliance in the issuing of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and poor quality building works erode trust in the EPC and jeopardise the achievement of energy efficiency targets. These were among the findings of the QUALICHeCK project, funded under the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme.
Post date: 6 Σεπ 2017
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Inteligentni elementi za održivi omotnice     Projekt SESBE, izvor financiranja u okviru sedmog okvirnog programa za istraživanje i tehnološki razvoj Europske Unije (7РП), koji ima za cilj pružiti nova rješenja za jednostavan, ekonomičan i siguran elementi fasade.  
Post date: 25 Αυγ 2017
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Celzija summit 2017 - moć građevina će se održati od 27. do 28. studenog u Gothenburgu, Švedska. Na konferenciji će biti predstavljena najnovija znanstvena istraživanja i tehnološki razvoj uz rješavanje ključnih problema s kojima se suočavaju grada u oblasti planiranja, razvoja i optimizacije njihovih regionalnih energetskih sustava.  
Post date: 18 Αυγ 2017
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The project H-House (Healthier Life with Eco-innovative Components for Housing Constructions), funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union, aims to develop a number of new building systems suited to a society where environmental awareness and a high degree of living comfort are both required. The concept of the project is to develop new building components for external and internal walls for new buildings and for renovation.  
Post date: 15 Αυγ 2017
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The Interreg Europe REBUS project (Renovation for Energy efficient BUildingS) aims to improve the capacity of public authorities in European regions to undertake efficient renovation works of their public building stock, thus saving energy and public resources. The huge potential for energy savings in the public building stock is hampered in each phase of the local authority energy renovation process: planning, implementing and monitoring. These problems all stem from a basic need in public authorities: to raise awareness and build skills on energy related issues among civil servants...
Post date: 14 Αυγ 2017
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