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On 8 October 2019, from 14:30-17:00, the first three Smart Cities and Communities projects GrowSmarter, Remourban and Triangulum, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, are hosting the session “From dream to reality: sharing experiences from leading European Smart Cities” at the European Week of Regions and
Post date: 18 Σεπ 2019
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REPLICATE Project’s Lighthouse City of Donostia/San Sebastian organized last 26th and 27th of March the European Smart Projects Summit, where representatives and experts across 90 cities from 14 SCC01 (Smart Cities and Communities) projects funded by the H2020 Programme shared their experiences and thoughts about the future of Smart Cities.    
Post date: 19 Απρ 2019
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On February 16, 2005, the Kyoto Protocol entered into force. The first global agreement of history to reduce carbon dioxide emissions was based on the scientific consensus that climate change is occurring. Thirteen years later, how do we stand now given the recent developments?  
Post date: 19 Φεβ 2018
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17 February, 2015. The European project REMOURBAN held its kick-off meeting in Valladolid, Spain. It marks the first step towards producing a model for turning our towns and cities into smart urban spaces for the future. Five cities, five countries, the same drive to integrate infrastructure and future-proof their urban spaces against a backdrop of environmental challenges that go well beyond their municipal boundaries.
Post date: 25 Μαρ 2015
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