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Post date: 5 Ιουν 2011
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Post date: 16 Νοε 2010
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A cost optimal model will only take into account the costs. It will not take into account the energy used. So the question that arises is whether this (cost) optimal is a (energy) sustainable optimal. In my view it would be useful to understand how much energy it takes to save energy. Does anyone know why this is rarely discussed? Did anyone ever ask its insulation supplier how much energy it cost to produce the insulation materials? 
Post date: 19 Οκτ 2010
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The key issues – with a strong focus on the first one – addressed in this paper are: 1. Calculation of cost-optimal levels in renovation, 2. Examples based on real-life experience, 3. Inclusion of societal costs and sustainable levels of renovation. This study is mainly based on publications of German-speaking authors and on German costs.
Post date: 12 Νοε 2009
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