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London Build features: 500+ speakers across 9 conference theatres (Future London, London Design, Interiors & Fit-out, BIM & Digital Construction, Smart London, Sustainability, Interior & Fit-out, Innovation, Skills Hub, Fire Safety & Innovation and Infrastructure), 220+ CPD knowledge sessions, 350+ exhibitors across 7 exhibition zones and a range of exclusive free-to-attend networking events including: Meet the Buyer sessions, Women in Constructi
Post date: 14 Νοε 2019
Type: Συμβάν

The event will be held within the larger framework of Digital & BIM Italia, an initiative dedicated to the transformation in the construction industry through digitalisation, technologies and innovation.  
Post date: 13 Νοε 2019
Type: Συμβάν

G-STIC2019 is the world’s leading conference on integrated technological solutions aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), 17 internationally agreed ambitious goals to move the world to a more sustainable future by 2030.  
Post date: 12 Νοε 2019
Type: Συμβάν

3rd December - Day 1 - Delivering Net Zero Carbon  09:00-09:30      Welcome coffee and networking    09:30-10:00      Keynotes
Post date: 7 Νοε 2019
Type: Συμβάν

Towards a new generation of user-centred Energy Performance Assessment and Certification; facilitated and empowered by the EPB Center The main aim of U-CERT is to introduce a next generation of user centred certification schemes to value buildings in a holistic and cost-effective manner. This aims to:  
Post date: 6 Νοε 2019
Type: Σύνδεσμος

The Conference is the Central Annual gathering of specialists and experts for the Green economy, Sustainability in building design and construction, Green energy and Transport together with the Sustainable Development in general.  
Post date: 29 Οκτ 2019
Type: Συμβάν

Once again the European Commission will take part in Ecomondo, the annual trade fair for the green and circular economy. The expo will take place in Rimini, Italy from 5 to 8 November 2019. It will bring together all sectors of the circular economy, from material and energy recovery to sustainable development.  
Post date: 28 Οκτ 2019
Type: Συμβάν

All presentations will be online: live and on demand   The presentations will be broadcast live from the Conference center in Bern on 28 and 29 October. To avoid a potential conflict with your schedule, the presentations will continue to be available on-demand after the conference for a period of one year. This will enable you to be part of the conference even if you live in North America or Asia.   Why you should attend   In our webinar you will learn:
Post date: 25 Οκτ 2019
Type: Συμβάν

The Challenge
Post date: 23 Οκτ 2019
Type: Συμβάν

SSPCR 2019 specifically wants to support the ‘transposition’ of research into practice and visionary approaches into (planning) policies and tools, to be applied by local authorities and decision-makers in an urban and regional context. SSPCR 2019 explores the impact of academic research, the scaling-up and replicability opportunities of pilot projects, and the added value of local bottom-up initiatives, in relation to complex challenges posed by the smart city/region approach.  
Post date: 22 Οκτ 2019
Type: Συμβάν