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On 26th and 27th November 2018, the Competence Centre Building Envelope of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts once again hosted the international conference FACADE 2018 at the KKL Lucerne. This year’s event has been also the closing conference of the COST Action TU1403 “Adaptive Facades Network”, which was initiated by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts four years ago.
Post date: 19 Δεκ 2018
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Climate.OneBuilding.Org is e repository of free climate data for building performance simulation.   The website contains typical, single-year climate data files in EPW format from many publicly available data sets from around the world. The weather data on the site are derived from a number of public sources.
Post date: 13 Νοε 2018
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Simulacije su Podržani u realnom vremenu энергоменеджмента u blokove     Sim4Blocks je četverogodišnji projekt, financiran od strane EU, koji je usmjeren na razvoj inovativnih odgovora potražnje (sl) usluge za stambene i komercijalne aplikacije. Projekt kombinira decentralizirane tehnologije энергоменеджмента na blokove od zgrada-skala za to da dr.  
Post date: 8 Αυγ 2017
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The EU funded CITYOPT project (Holistic simulation and optimization of energy systems in Smart Cities) aims to make cities smarter through applications and guidelines supporting efficient planning, detailed design and operation of energy systems in urban districts. The specific target is to engage users with the new CITYOPT applications, create new partnerships connecting city leaders and stakeholders and create new business models for decision support systems for energy efficient neighbourhoods.  
Post date: 23 Ιουν 2017
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Tra le novità della XIII Edizione del Master RIDEF del Politecnico di Milano un corso sulla simulazione in regime dinamico dell'involucro edilizio e del sistema impiantistico.  
Post date: 9 Φεβ 2017
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The purpose of this community is to provide a central convening point for information specifically on the current activities aiming at the major upgrading of the CEN standards to support the EPBD: The preparation of a second generation of CEN standards to support the EPBD, under the Mandate M/480 from the EC to CEN/CENELEC (  
Post date: 10 Ιουν 2009
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