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  by: Anita Derjanecz, REHVA Managing Director - Francesco Mariottini, REHVA Assistant Project Engineer    
Post date: 15 Δεκ 2017
Type: Ειδήσεις

The German Working Group for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of State and Municipal Administrations (AMEV) released in August its Guidelines on Technical Monitoring of buildings.
Post date: 14 Δεκ 2017
Type: Note

Thursday 27 April 2017   This webinar focuses on solutions and strategies for quality (and data) management in new buildings, focusing in particular on the Building Commissioning Process (Cx).  
Post date: 5 Ιουν 2017
Type: Ειδήσεις

U četvrtak, 27. travnja 2017. godine, 14:00 - 15:30 Брюссельскому vremena (seth)   Ovaj webinar će vam pomoći da se usredotočite na odlukama i strategijama za kvalitetu (i podataka) upravljanje u zgradama, fokusirajući se posebno na proces izgradnje u pogon (SK).  
Post date: 7 Μαρ 2017
Type: Συμβάν

The European Construction Technology Platform and RESSEEPE project, in cooperation with 7 other European co-funded projects, is pleased to invite you to the workshop 'From research to market - innovative technologies and ICT solutions for energy efficiency' that will be held in BAU exhibition, Munich, Germany, on Thursday 19th January 2017.   The workshop is addressed to:
Post date: 15 Δεκ 2016
Type: Συμβάν

The goal of the Quantum project is to develop and demonstrate pragmatic services and appropriate tools with high replication potential supporting quality management (QM) for building performance in the design, construction, commissioning and operation phase as a means to close the gap between predicted and actual energy performance in European buildings.   This project will apply three innovative ICT‑driven tools to enable effective quality management in all relevant services within the building life cycle.  
Post date: 5 Δεκ 2016
Type: Σύνδεσμος

 Building and HVAC system performance in practice REHVA Workshops at CLIMA 2016Aalborg, Denmark, 22-25 May 2016   The 6th REHVA Report deals with the outcomes of the technical workshops organised during the triennial flagship event,  CLIMA2016 REHVA World Congress.  
Post date: 21 Σεπ 2016
Type: Publication

Within this report QUANTUM project investigated the existing quality gaps as well as their reasons and summarised existing guidelines, laws and services for quality management within construction projects in Europe.  
Post date: 17 Αυγ 2016
Type: Σύνδεσμος

In the actual era of smart homes and smart grids, advanced technological systems that allow the automation of domestic tasks are developing rapidly. There are numerous technologies and applications that can be installed in smart homes today. They enable communication between home appliances and users, and enhance home appliances’ automation, monitoring and remote control capabilities.   
Post date: 4 Αυγ 2016
Type: Σύνδεσμος