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The Latvian GDP grew by 4.8% during 2018, the highest GDP growth rate since 2010. The growth was driven by consumer spending and strong investment levels supported by EU fund inflows.  
Post date: 23 Μαρ 2020
Type: Publication

This report provides an analysis of potential areas of for public support at the EU level to EU SMEs from the construction industry in their efforts to internationalise their activities beyond the limits of the EU.   The report analyses the current state of play, it provides examples of success stories and identifies EU construction SMEs´ needs and expectations. Finally, the study presents the results of a series of workshops on areas for EU support measures.  
Post date: 11 Μαρ 2020
Type: Publication

The aim of the event is two-fold – firstly, to present the analysis and findings of the Level(s) test phase; and, secondly, to further engage with testers, test co-ordinators and stakeholders more widely from the building sector on how to revise Level(s) and ensure its success. The Commission aims to release the final publication version in the summer of 2020, so your continuous participation in this process will be very important.  
Post date: 29 Ιαν 2020
Type: Συμβάν

BATIBOUW is always the right answer whether you’re constructing, renovating or changing your interior design. Before you come, find a selection of products and suppliers online, meet them at BATIBOUW in real life, listen to the advice of professionals and then make your decision.   THEMAROUTES / PARCOURS THÉMATIQUES / Ecology and Innovation   L’écologie et la recherche permanente d’innovations sont au centre de vos préoccupations !
Post date: 6 Ιαν 2020
Type: Συμβάν

The 4RinEU project is developing technological products, software tools, and methodologies, which offer innovative advantages and solutions to needs in the framework of building renovations and energy retrofits.  
Post date: 20 Δεκ 2019
Type: Ειδήσεις

View the programme   The wider industry is waking up to the benefits of energy efficient buildings and many policies are beginning to point to Passivhaus (or equivalent!) But are we capable of propelling Passivhaus as the new norm for the masses?  
Post date: 21 Οκτ 2019
Type: Συμβάν

2019 kicked off with a pipeline full of opportunities for institutional investors. Some real estate deals have been on hold since last year and have been waiting for someone to seize the opportunity; others have been waiting for timing and conditions to be defined. The trend is caracterized by private equity funds which continue to buy strategic assets in order to enhance their portfolios whilst trying to commercialize already held assets to regain liquidity and maximize their total returns.
Post date: 23 Σεπ 2019
Type: Publication

This document is one of the report of the H2020 project STUNNING “SusTainable bUsiNess models for the deep reNovation of buIldiNGs”, running from October 2017 to September 2019   The deliverable will focus on providing solutions that foster SME participation in the market and value chain.  
Post date: 14 Ιουν 2019
Type: Publication

Smarter grids are enabling electricity producers and consumers to effectively change their electricity generation and usage in ways that can contribute to the system optimisation while also benefiting themselves and helping to reduce carbon emissions.
Post date: 26 Φεβ 2019
Type: Σύνδεσμος

RenoZEB aims to unlock the nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) renovation market by increasing property value through a new systemic approach to retrofitting. This will include innovative components, and processes and decision making methodologies to guide all value-chain actors in the nZEB building renovation action.
Post date: 20 Φεβ 2019
Type: Σύνδεσμος