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Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency newsletter is out!   Here are the contents:   News:  
Post date: 1 Ιουλ 2020
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Who are the AECB?   The AECB (Association for Environment Conscious Building) is a network of individuals and companies with a common aim of promoting sustainable building. Running since the 1980's the AECB are the largest and oldest network for sustainable building.   What do we do?  
Post date: 24 Ιουν 2020
Type: Σύνδεσμος

Date: 23 July 2020    Time: 10.30 - 12.30   Location: Online           Cost: PHT members: £20+VAT, Non members: £40+VAT, Staff of educational estates & LA: Free   Are you involved in the delivery of schools, operate University estates, or tasked with net-zero carbon strategies? This event is for you! Join us for the official launch of our latest Passivhaus campaign focused on Educational Buildings. 
Post date: 22 Ιουν 2020
Type: Συμβάν

Check out the June 2020 issue of CEN-CE newsletter for getting up to speed with recent and ongoing activities of CEN-CE team! EPB standards covered by CEN-CE scheme Explore synergies with CEN-CE scheme 2nd CEN-CE classroom pilot training Build Up webinar showcasing CEN-CE scheme CEN-CE interview with Francis Allard Free online pilot training on heat pumps and measured energy
Post date: 11 Ιουν 2020
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#4 newsletter is out!   Contents included are: Articles Rebound behaviours, nudges, competition: energy saving is a matter of mindset Nudging energy saving behaviours   News #eTEACHERatHOME: tips to save energy and money, lockdown or not How to stay energy-efficient, healthy and productive in times of lockdown How can ICT solutions contribute to the energy-behavioural change? (webinar) Last trends in energy-saving applications  
Post date: 18 Μάιος 2020
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The En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator is a climate simulation tool for understanding and learn on how to achieve climate goals through changes in energy, land use, consumption, agriculture, and other policies. The simulator focuses on how changes in global GDP, energy efficiency, technological innovation, and carbon price influence carbon emissions, global temperature, and other factors.
Post date: 8 Μάιος 2020
Type: Tool

The SKILLCO Erasmus+ international construction project 2017-20 was successfully completed with 923 individuals participating in the pilot training sessions for four previously identified as missing sectoral skills in three partner countries (Slovenia, Germany and Hungary). The project also resulted in the development of the SKILLgApp mobile application with SkillCO teaching materials to assist learners in training.  
Post date: 6 Μάιος 2020
Type: Ειδήσεις

The report provides an overview of the training courses delivered in the field of BIM and nZEB at HEIs and VETs in Europe (in particular the partner countries). The main contributions determine:   1. types and level of trainings for BIM and nZEB at national VETs and HEIs and degree of fragmentation of courses 2. the transferability of these trainings at EQF level in the partner countries and EU  
Post date: 6 Μάιος 2020
Type: Publication

Upskilling building sector professionals, the linchpin for an effective renovation wave (EU Green Deal): showcasing CEN-CE scheme The EU-funded CEN-CE project has set up standard-based qualification and training schemes in energy efficient construction for heating and cooling professionals.  
Post date: 5 Μάιος 2020
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Bus.Trainers is a European project which aims to develop competencies in energy efficiency and renewable energy systems for trainers of the construction industry, with the aim of transferring these new skills to workers and future workers employees of the sector. This initiative, which involves eleven partners from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Malta, belongs to the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.   Purpose  
Post date: 4 Μάιος 2020
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