The Intelligent Energy - Europe project “ENNEREG - Regions paving the way for a Sustainable Energy Europe” has launched its Regions 202020 Inspiration Guide aiming to provide all the information you need to become a Sustainable Energy Region:
Post date: 3 Jun 2013
Type: News

ODYSSEE MURE is a project coordinated by ADEME and supported under the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Commission. This project gathers representatives such as energy Agencies from the 27 EU Member States plus Norway and Croatia and it aims at monitoring energy efficiency trends and policy measures in Europe.For more information, please click here.
Post date: 14 May 2013
Type: Publication

The Energy Efficient Buildings event hosted by MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho, Member of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee (ITRE), together with the Energy Efficiency Buildings Association (E2BA) at the European Parliament in Brussels on April 23 brought together for the second time on the stage three Directorates-General of the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, DG Connect and DG Energy.
Post date: 7 May 2013
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Many Europeans have not yet recognized to a full extent the importance of energy efficiency. However, together with renewable energy, energy efficiency addresses three key policy topics at once: climate protection, energy security and technology leadership opportunities for European industry. 
Post date: 1 May 2013
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The report is based on the screening of the National Energy Efficiency Action Plans (NEEAPs) as well as an expert survey, on the implementation of those policies since the first NEEAPs were published in 2007. The report provides a unique overview of policy packages and the current implementation status of energy efficiency policies in Estonia.
Post date: 29 Apr 2013
Type: Publication

In 2010 KredEx also launched a grant scheme, which allowed eligible apartment buildings to receive up to 35% of the cost of their buildings’ renovation. 
Post date: 26 Apr 2013
Type: News

National/Regional schemes for Non-Residential Buildings and other Facilities

In this category you will find a list of the existing national and regional funding mechanisms that promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in non-residential buildings and facilities, such as commercial and office buildings, public buildings, industrial facilities etc. These funds are available in the form of non-repayable investments and/or favourable loans (often a combination of both). 
Post date: 14 Apr 2013
Type: Scheme