ESTEC 2011 is setting new trends for solar thermal! For the first time, the biennial European Solar Thermal Energy Conference is being held outside Germany, the largest European market by far. In selecting France as the host country, ESTIF and ENERPLAN - the co-organizer of ESTEC 2011 - wanted to stress that the solar thermal market growth is increasingly coming from other large European countries, and in choosing Marseille, the gateway to the Mediterranean, highlight this region’s huge potential both from the northern and southern shores.
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CONCERTO is co-funded by the European Commission To see the relevant BUILD UP publication on this brochure, please click here.
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The OPEN HOUSE methodology assesses the whole life- cycle of a building:
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Nordic Climate Festival @ Aalto is held at the Aalto University Otaniemi campus in Espoo, Finland. Nordic Climate Festival @Aalto is a 4-day event on finding and promoting best available Nordic initiatives towards sustainable communities. The festival is part of the Finnish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2011. Join us to discuss, brainstorm and socialize with other like-minded students and top research teams of Aalto University!
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Building envelope: Walls: polyurethane insulation (300 mm), concrete sandwich elements (U-value 0.08 W/(m²•K)) Roof: hollow slab, polyurethane insulation (270 mm) + 90-160 mm light gravel and 100 mm concrete Total energy consumption of the building: 107 100 kWh/a Renewables:
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Content of the Toolkit The IT-Toolkit offers support in different ways, e.g. by providing reports and guidelines, an interactive performance rating of energy uses, more than 70 exemplary retrofit projects, structured similarily to a website, calculation tools with building specific input by the user and a detailed checklist for a building inventory.In detail the toolkit consists of the following tools: 1. Performance rating for heating, electricity and water 2. Electronic building inspection protocol
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Inhalte des Toolkits Das IT-Toolkit bietet dem Anwender Unterstützung in unterschiedlichen Formen, so z.B. durch Berichte und Leitfäden als pdf-Dokumente, einen interaktiven Vergleich von Energieverbräuchen, mehr als 70 beispielhafte Sanierungsprojekte, die wie in einer Internetseite strukturiert zusammengestellt sind, Berechnungstools mit gebäudespezifischen Eingaben durch den Nutzer und eine detaillierte Checkliste für eine Gebäudebegehung.Im Einzelnen besteht das Toolkit aus folgenden Instrumenten:
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An overview of the current status of implementation and plans for future development of the EPBD in Finland.  The report covers updates to the legislation, certification for residential, non residential and public buildings, quality assurance, training and examinations for qualified experts, inspections, including quality control mechanisms, information and communication campaigns, and incentives and subsidies.  This report is part of the work performed within the Concerted Action EPBD, co-funded by the Community´s Intelligent Energy Europe programme under the contract IEE/
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