The Coalition for Energy Savings

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The plan confirms that improving energy efficiency by renovating buildings and clean transport is the bedrock of climate action.   A decreased energy demand will enable further emission reductions and keep energy costs low. This will help vulnerable households, improve living conditions and create local jobs.  
Post date: 24 Sep 2020
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Coalition for Energy Savings, in which eceee is a member, identifies many weaknesses in national implementation of the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). A Coalition analysis of the Member States’ plans for achieving 1.5% annual end-use energy savings highlights that most countries not only show low ambition but also fail to credibly demonstrate how the mandatory energy savings target will be reached, exposing them to infringement procedures and possible fines.
Post date: 28 Apr 2014
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Speaking ahead of the Summit, Stefan Scheuer, Secretary General of the Coalition for Energy Savings, said: “Leaders must pave the way for much higher investments to realise fallow energy saving potentials. Doing so would immediately create jobs, increase public revenues, generate cost savings for all and contribute to the European model of the future: environmentally friendly, economically strong and increasingly independent. The Energy Efficiency Directive, which could do that, must be rescued from austerity.”
Post date: 31 May 2012
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