The aim of the innovative Dutch Energiesprong housing refurbishment approach is to stimulate mass uptake of net-zero energy refurbishments of domestic properties. Kick-started in the Netherlands, the programme has already delivered over 500 net-zero energy refurbishments as part of a 111,000 volume deal between housing associations and industry.  
Post date: 15 Feb 2016
Type: News

Four constructors and six housing corporations signed a deal called “De Stroomversnelling” (or "The Rapids") on the 20th of June 2013. The goal of this collaboration: to refurbish 111.000 homes to zero-energy, starting with 11.000 homes and ten organisations. The deal was signed by housing corporations Portaal, Lefier, Woonwaard, Stadlander, Tiwos, Wonen Limburg  and the contractors VolkerWessels, BAM, Ballast Nedam and Dura Vermeer. Jan Willem van de Groep signed on behalf of Platform31, who initiated the deal.
Post date: 1 Nov 2013
Type: News