European Commission - Environment

Architects, engineers, financers and EU officials gathered in Amsterdam on 25-26 April to provide insights, field experiences and to discuss both the sector’s state of play and future policy developments. The forum aimed to answer the following questions: Who should be the main stakeholders to push forward and implement existing solutions? With so many players, who should address the sustainable construction issue in a coherent and systemic manner? Who can take the lead?
Post date: 1 Aug 2012
Type: Publication

This report also examines the relationship between support schemes and the internal electricity market, including current policy proposals to increase competition, the application of rules on the free movement of goods. The report underlines the need to improve the competitive situation on the internal electricity market, and recalls the need for implementing the Commission proposals regarding unbundling, improved regulatory oversight and cooperation, network cooperation and transparency. These proposals are vital in order to improve the market access for renewable electricity.
Post date: 28 Feb 2012
Type: Publication

To read the press release, please click here. To read more about the Eco-innovation Action Plan (EcoAP), please click here.
Post date: 19 Dec 2011
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