François Rémi Carrié

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Building airtightness: a critical review of testing, reporting and quality schemes in 10 countries    
Post date: 27 Apr 2017
Type: Publication

Ventilative cooling (VC) is a way to cool or to prevent overheating in a building by means of ventilation rates higher than hygienic ventilation rates. To this end, natural (such as windows, vents, louvers) as well mechanical (extract or supply fans) ventilation devices can be used.
Post date: 18 Sep 2015
Type: Publication

We collected information on existing envelope air leakage databases from countries that are involved in the AIVC-TightVent project “Development and applications of building air leakage databases”. This document summarizes the information from five countries: Czech Republic, France, Germany, UK and USA. Even though our summary is not exhaustive of all existing data on whole-building envelope air leakage, it provides an overview of recent efforts from a number of countries. There are many reasons why different countries are collecting these data.
Post date: 12 Mar 2013
Type: Publication