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Housing Europe has its own voice at the Habitat III, the global conference shaping the New Urban Agenda for the next 20 years, which takes place in Quito, Ecuador, from 17 to 20 October 2016.
Post date: 19 Oct 2016
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On 22 February 2016, Housing Europe launched the campaign Housing for All - Better EU policies for more and better homes, that serves as an invitation for cooperation at EU level with the overall aim to boost the supply of affordable homes for liveable communities.
Post date: 24 Feb 2016
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Housing Europe presents the contribution of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing providers to mitigate climate change.   30 November 2015  
Post date: 27 Dec 2015
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On 21 September 2015, the Swedish Government presented its 2016 Budget Bill, which includes two housing-related proposals aiming to contribute in achieving the target of 250,000 new homes by 2020 in Sweden. These proposals are: investment aid for new rental properties;aid for municipal authorities to speed up residential construction.  The aid also includes investment in soil decontamination, student accommodation and housing for older people.  Energy efficiency improvements and renovation
Post date: 5 Oct 2015
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Experiences from public, cooperative and social housing The regulatory framework (in particular the EED) should be supportive and give the national and local level the possibility to find the most appropriate solutions for a fair energy transition. What is crucial is to agree on ambitious energy and climate goals and to reach real energy efficiency. Then it should be up to the member states, national and local level to design strategies on how to reach them. 
Post date: 16 Jun 2015
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The funding of energy efficiency projects is very crucial for achieveing the EU targets on energy savings. The EU pays great attention to the financial support of energy efficiency policies and has developed several tools for supporting these policies.
Post date: 5 Jun 2015
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