Kasper Baars

On 9 September 2016, Thermaflex North West Europe, a company which develops and manufactures insulation and pre-insulated piping solutions for thermal energy distribution, was recognised for creating the most positive environmental impact by the international non-profit organisation, B Lab, on the annual ‘Best for the World’ nomination.
Post date: 9 Sep 2016
Type: News

Considering cities account for over 70% of the world’s energy use (half of which are for satisfying thermal needs), district energy networks have an immense role to play in establishing smart, affordable and low-carbon energy solutions. Unfortunately, due to the widespread use of unsustainable materials, incorrect dimensioning, or skyrocketing time and investment costs, the installation or renovation of District Heating and Cooling (DHC) systems have quite some way to go. Thermaflex’ newest district innovation provides solace.   From dream to reality
Post date: 29 Jun 2016
Type: News

Paris, France - A relentless stream of record-shattering heat, monster hurricanes, raging wildfires, and spouting floods put the climate talks in Paris under quite a bit of pressured weather. With an ambitious worldwide climate deal now signed, there seems to be a lot more hope in the air. Similar light arose from several Cop21 side events, including the French ‘Écorésaux de Chaleur’ awards for the most successful municipalities to implement district heating networks. One regional authority particularly stood out, with 11 of its networks awarded with the honorable label.
Post date: 11 Jan 2016
Type: News