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MOEEBIUS project team is pleased to inform that video covering the course of MOEEBIUS Final Conference is available!   Please check the link and watch in the video how MOEEBIUS will contribute to the reduction of energy use in building sector.  
Post date: 16 Apr 2019
Type: News

PERFORMER project started in September 2013 and after nearly 48 months, the team is close to delivering an innovative solution which aims to close the energy gap by facilitating the identification and targeting of a range of energy management opportunities.  
Post date: 10 Jul 2017
Type: News

After nearly two years of collaboration between ten partners from Spain, Croatia, Poland and the Netherlands, the FosterREG project is coming to an end.    FosterREG is a European Horizon 2020 project aimed at enhancing the capacity of public authorities to plan, finance and manage integrated urban regeneration for sustainable energy uptake.
Post date: 15 May 2017
Type: News

New conclusions are now available for the exploitation potential of the PERFORMER project.  
Post date: 28 Mar 2017
Type: News

PERFORMER project: evaluation of demonstration phase & best practices  
Post date: 24 Jan 2017
Type: News

This report is part of the Nearly Zero energy Neighbourhoods (ZenN) project. The general objectives of the project are to demonstrate the feasibility (technical, financial and social) of innovative low energy renovation processes for buildings at the neighbourhood scale; identify and disseminate promising management and financial schemes to facilitate large scale replication and launch ambitious replication plans at several scales (local, regional etc.) with the participation of local administrations.
Post date: 12 Mar 2015
Type: Publication