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To demonstrate how Energy Performance Certificates databases are being used for monitoring purposes, the key features of existing systems across Europe were examined using information from the Buildings Performance Institute Europe and Request2Action partners.   Please find the results in the URL.   More information and contacts:
Post date: 14 Dec 2015
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The German Energy Agency dena presents a new database with promotion programmes for building renovations, energy saving measures and renewable energy measures. The database was developed in cooperation with BINE Informationsdienst und funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. 
Post date: 16 Nov 2015
Type: News

Report on existing monitoring initiatives and database systems   This report is a deliverable of the Request2Action project which is co-funded by the European Commission and focuses on how data from Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), alongside other data, can be used to promote home energy efficiency.  
Post date: 9 Nov 2015
Type: Publication

The evolution of data tools that support improved energy performance of buildings follows the broader development of data management and processing, a field which has expanded rapidly in recent years. This article reviews the various types of applications currently available.  
Post date: 16 Sep 2015
Type: News

The evolution of data tools that are used to improve the energy performance of buildings follows the broader development of data management and processing, a field which has expanded rapidly in recent years. This article reviews the various types of software applications currently available.  
Post date: 14 Jul 2015
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Europe has impressive ambitions for a nearly zero energy transformation of its housing stock. EPCs are key to realising those ambitions.   EPC databases/registers are now in place across most EU countries. These databases, coupled with advancements in ‘big data’ technology, statistical analysis and GIS mapping, have the power to transform our delivery of energy saving programmes. However, too often theses databases are left to gather dust and are not routinely used by policy makers and delivery bodies.
Post date: 30 Oct 2014
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This report proposes a first version of a database that could be implemented by French software editors to provide input data for the calculation of building energy performance.The proposed values correspond to typical equipment and construction products. They are not intended to be used for the energy performance calculation required by the regulation which should rely on the data of the actual products and equipments used.Data is proposed for boilers, heat pumps, solar thermal systems, ventilation systems, walls, insulation products, windows, doors.
Post date: 11 Apr 2014
Type: Publication

Today, April 3, 2014, the GBPN launched a new interactive Policy Tool for Renovation. The tool compares and analyses twelve best practice renovation policies for residential buildings from Europe and the United States, using fourteen criteria that define a “state of the art” policy package. This new and detailed analysis of current best practice renovation policies supports decision makers to accelerate the design and implementation of more ambitious energy renovation policies.
Post date: 7 Apr 2014
Type: News

The IEE-funded project Meshartility is helping 74 municipalities across 12 European countries to collect relevant energy data for the development of their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs). Accessing detailed data on energy production and consumption in their territory is a crucial first step for Covenant signatories to identify which are the sectors where the energy transition efforts should be concentrated.
Post date: 5 Feb 2014
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The Global SCP Clearinghouse is a unique one-stop hub dedicated to advancing Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) worldwide. The Clearinghouse uses social networking principles to create this “one-stop hub” for SCP knowledge and cooperation.
Post date: 27 Jan 2014
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