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Are you interested in energy efficiency or renewables? Looking for information on projects in your country or in a particular industry? Search the IEE database and find details of 500+ projects financed by the programme so far. The database is updated regularly, so keep coming back.If you're thinking of applying for IEE funding, take a look at existing IEE projects in the database for inspiration or ideas for a possible follow-on project.
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DATAMINE is: – a concept providing data to be collected in order to monitor the energy performance of the existing building stock, – a convention ("language") for exchanging information about a building's energy related features between countries, – a scheme for evaluation of national databases and for international comparison. A full set of reports: – Harmonised Data Structure (Excel table with data field names and descriptions) – Executive Summary – Final Report
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While inspecting a building to be able to issue an energy performance certificate (EPC) the expert collect much information about the building envelope and the systems. In many cases this information is being stored in a register (central or local). Access to this information could give added value from the certification schemes in terms of knowledge about the building stock and its potential energy savings. Could anybody give references to studies on the use of EPC data for other purposes than certification itself?
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