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  Overview of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) compliance, and quality issues on the ground – Summary of all collected data       In this report, QUALICHeCK gives an overview of the building energy performance related quality and compliance situation in 9 focus countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Greece, Romania, Spain and Sweden.  
Post date: 3 Jul 2017
Type: Publication

  Practical  experience shows that it is challenging to implement a robust compliance and enforcement framework for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for buildings. This QUALICHeCK source book on EPC compliance aims to provide guidelines and suggestions for achieving such a framework.  
Post date: 30 Jun 2017
Type: Publication

EPBD directive 2002 and its recast 2010 have led to significant efforts in EU Member States to improve the energy performance of buildings. The compliance of energy performance assessments and quality of works are increasingly important aspects needing continuous attention and well developed procedures in order to be able to achieve stringent energy and indoor climate targets in practice.  
Post date: 4 Nov 2016
Type: Publication

Ημερίδα ΚΑΠΕ - Έργα Αειφόρου Ενέργειας στο Δημόσιο Τομέα και η εμπειρία των Οργανισμών τοπικής αυτοδιοίκησης (ΟΤΑ) από το Σχεδιασμό στην Υλοποίηση  
Post date: 10 Oct 2016
Type: Event

Deloitte has published a study which aims to identify the main levers for public authorities, private companies and households, which could help to better unleash the untapped technical and economic potential of energy efficiency in Europe.
Post date: 17 Aug 2016
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Construction d’un immeuble de bureau de prestige et réhabilitation d’un bâtiment existant à valeur patrimoniale  
Post date: 17 Aug 2016
Type: Case

In order to unleash the energy efficiency (EE) potential and achieve the energy savings goals in buildings there is a necessity to adopt new ESCO business models. And this is what MOEEBIUS project Consortium is currently working on within the project.
Post date: 12 Jul 2016
Type: Publication

  On 30 June 2016, the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Europe launched the Investor Ready Energy Efficiency” (IREE) certification, a system ensuring that energy efficiency projects deliver the savings they promise and meet the needs of interested investors.  
Post date: 30 Jun 2016
Type: News

As part of the DIRECTION project´s outreach activity aimed at maximising replicability potential, Spanish-based partner DRAGADOS held a workshop in June with various experts about the future of nZEBs across the continent.
Post date: 9 Sep 2015
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Tato vyhláška zapracovává příslušný předpis Evropské unie a stanoví nákladově optimální úroveň požadavků na energetickou náročnost budovy pro nové budovy, větší změny dokončených budov, jiné než větší změny dokončených budov a pro budovy s téměř nulovou spotřebou energie; metodu výpočtu energetické náročnosti budovy; vzor posouzení technické, ekonomické a ekologické proveditelnosti alternativních systémů dodávek energie; vzor stanovení doporučených opatření pro snížení energetické náročnosti budovy; vzor a obsah průkazu a způsob jeho zpracování a umístění průkazu v budově.
Post date: 28 Aug 2014
Type: Publication