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Every energy manager relies on energy data to make intelligent energy decisions, lower energy costs and increase energy productivity.  But it is important to consider that the quality of your energy decisions is directly dependent on the quality of the data you base them on. Poor data quality can cost you and your clients through inaccurate billing, missed energy saving or retrofit opportunities and even lost energy efficiency projects.
Post date: 11 Sep 2017
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The Horizon 2020 funded project multEE (Facilitating Multi-level governance for energy efficiency) aims to improve the consistency and quality of energy efficiency policy planning and implementation through innovative monitoring and verification schemes as well as through improved coordination between different administrative levels.   In order to reach this goal, two sub-goals will have to be achieved:  
Post date: 15 Aug 2017
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The Horizon 2020 funded project GAIA (Green Awareness In Action) aims to promote positive behavioural changes within communities regarding energy consumption/awareness.  
Post date: 14 Aug 2017
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The FP7 funded TRIBUTE (Take the energy bill back to the promised building performance) is a large-scale integrating project aimed at minimizing the gap between computed and measured energy performances through the improvement of the predictive capability of a state-of-the-art commercial Building Energy Performance Simulation (BEPS). For existing buildings, measurement and verification techniques will be developed and deployed to connect the BEPS model in real time to the pivotal wireless sensing and control systems of a monitored building.
Post date: 10 Aug 2017
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PERFORMER project started in September 2013 and after nearly 48 months, the team is close to delivering an innovative solution which aims to close the energy gap by facilitating the identification and targeting of a range of energy management opportunities.  
Post date: 10 Jul 2017
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ECO-Binder on the way to success   “Development of insulating concrete systems based on novel low CO2 binders for a new family of eco-innovative, durable and standardised energy efficient envelope components.“  
Post date: 30 Jun 2017
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The 7th International Building Physics Conference (IBPC 2018): “Healthy, Intelligent, and Resilient Buildings and Urban Environments”, aims to advance the collective understanding of the nature and behaviour of the cyber-physical systems in these different scales, how they interact, and what can be done to optimise their design and operation for healthy, intelligent and resilient buildings and urban environments.   Contributions are invited, but not limited to, the following topics:   Building Materials, Assemblies, and Enclosure Systems
Post date: 27 Jun 2017
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The better energy-efficient building components of today have one major flaw: The loss of efficiency through improper usage during the building process can be dramatic.   The EU-funded ACCEPT project (Assistant for Quality Check during Construction Execution Processes for Energy-efficienT buildings), will ensure the proper usage of the components during the building process with the help of Smart Glasses.  
Post date: 20 Jun 2017
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The 4th edition of the OPERE newsletter focuses on the analysis of data from the system of management, as well as the actions of system optimisation.   The newsletter also reflects the activities developed by the researchers for the elaboration of prediction models of thermal dynamics in buildings based on artificial intelligence techniques.  
Post date: 10 May 2017
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International Energy Agency, EBC Annex 58: “Reliable building energy performance characterisation based on full scale dynamic measurements” - Report of Subtask 1B: Overview of methods to analyse dynamic data  
Post date: 25 Apr 2017
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