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The issue of global warming is the most important concern of our time. In-depth reflections and a targeted long-term planning based on real data, together with rational thinking and clear reasoning on the real needs to change outlook, habits and attitudes, require a positive behavior to be less damaging to our planet and the quality of our lives.
Post date: 12 Jun 2012
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As a consequence, for local authorities that have submitted their action plan before 2011, the deadline for submitting their monitoring template will be extended to 2013. These signatories will be informed at least six months in advance.
Post date: 4 Apr 2012
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The results of this programme have particular relevance to the forthcoming Green Deal as the project includes:
Post date: 8 Mar 2012
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The DYNASTEE Network (DYNamic Analysis, Simulation and Testing applied to the Energy and Environmental performance of buildings) is an informal grouping of organizations actively involved in the application of tools and methodologies pertinent to this field. Often statisticians and mathematicians do not have the technical knowledge to correctly apply these dynamic techniques to physical processes, whilst engineers may not have adequate knowledge of the complex statistical and mathematical processes.
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General information about the project Legal background (EPBD Recast) Information about participation in the monitoring activities Download of project documents and information on news and events Forums for discussion of related topics
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Inspection of HVAC systems through continuous monitoring and benchmarking (ISERV)    
Post date: 6 Jun 2011
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Project description The HosPilot project develops a service able to propose the most efficient technical solutions about HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) and Lighting for refurbishing a hospital. At the same time, it will help to increase well-being and comfort for the end users. The service will be distributed as a software tool designed for decision makers of hospital. EPSHP Pilot
Post date: 24 May 2011
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