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BY&FORCITIZENS conference on “Smart Regeneration of Cities and Regions” will provide a forum to gain comprehensive insights into the opportunities and challenges conferred by further development of Smart Cities and Communities initiatives across Europe. The overall aim is to review and better understand the steps that city leaders, delegates, policymakers and other relevant stakeholders around Europe take to transform their cities into great and attractive places in which to live and work, creating strong local ecosystems.
Post date: 27 Aug 2018
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This paper provides a framework for companies seeking to demonstrate leadership in the transition towards a clean energy economy powered by 100% renewable electricity. It draws on best practice already being implemented by leading companies working to source 100% renewable electricity as part of RE100, an initiative led by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP. The paper provides specific recommendations, informed by the RE100 Technical Advisory Group, that guide corporate buyers on how to have as much impact and influence as possible.
Post date: 20 Aug 2018
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The International Energy Agency’s newly-enhanced Tracking Clean Energy Progress provides a comprehensive and rigorous assessment of a full range of energy technologies and sectors that are critical in a global clean-energy transition. It includes the most up-to-date information for where technologies are today and where they need to be according to the IEA’s Sustainable Development Scenario, a pathway to reach the Paris Agreement well below 2°C climate goal, deliver universal energy access and significantly lower air pollution.
Post date: 30 Jul 2018
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Shell Ventures, YES!Delft and Rockstart believe a meaningful energy transition can only be made with breakthrough innovation and integrated technologies that are effective, scalable and profitable. That is why the New Energy Challenge 2018 calls for start-ups that can truly help shape successful energy transitions together with us with innovative yet realistic propositions. The sooner the better!
Post date: 19 Jul 2018
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State and regional governments are in a unique position to drive innovative and ambitious climate and clean energy policies around the world. The Climate Group brings these governments together to make sure the best ideas are spread further, faster. These governments make up the Under2 Coalition, which has over 200 signatories and endorsers globally. The coalition is driven by state and regional governments committed to s   upporting the efforts of nations and delivering the goals of the Paris Agreement, to keep global temperature rises to under 2°C.
Post date: 30 Jun 2018
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In the end of July 2017, the German law on the promotion of tenant electricity (Gesetz zur Förderung von Mieterstrom) entered into force. With this law, tenants shall benefit from the energy transition. In fact, the law promotes landlords or system operators.
Post date: 14 Dec 2017
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For many years now Member States have engaged in energy transition. This long experience has shown that conventional financing is not enough and financing sustainable energy measures remains a great challenge. For this reason, access to attractive and adequate financing products from the market is needed.    
Post date: 11 Dec 2017
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Set up by the city of Stuttgart (Germany) in 1995, Internal Contracting (Intracting) has already allowed the municipality to implement over 350 energy efficiency measures in public buildings, equipment and facilities generating financial savings of EUR 22 million. Intracting enables the municipality to finance multiple investments aimed at energy savings without being bound to an external contractor. In this process a technical department or a municipally-owned company (‘the client’) submits an energy-saving project.  
Post date: 18 Oct 2017
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"Low carbon energy transition? Together it is possible"     This two-day event, which will take place on 19 and 20 October 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic, gives energy stakeholders from government, research, NGOs and business from more than 10 countries of Central and Eastern Europe the opportunity to collaborate towards sustainability.  
Post date: 11 Sep 2017
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Energy positive sewage treatment plants - A sustainable solution for climate protection in municipalities   The municipal wastewater in Europe contains an available chemical energy of about 87,500 GWh per year. This corresponds roughly to the capacity of 12 large power plants. Due to the currently used technologies and the associated energy loss in the individual process steps, sewage treatment in Europe instead consumes primary energy of more than two power plants.  
Post date: 31 Aug 2017
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