L’evento, nella prima giornata ha approfondito le innovazioni dei sistemi geotermici per il riscaldamento e il raffreddamento sviluppate nell'ambito del progetto H2020 Cheap-GHSP; nella seconda giornata, ha permesso di discutere ed esplorare le potenzialità del protocollo italiano GBC Historic Building, primo sistema di valutazione energetico-ambientale al mondo che può colmar
Post date: 11 Jun 2019
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The World Green Building Council's report Doing Right by Planet and People: The Business Case for Health and Wellbeing in Green Building urges companies to make green improvements by highlighting the tangible economic benefits of green building and showcasing improved occupant satisfaction when companies implement new health, wellbeing and productivity features in existing green structures.
Post date: 29 Aug 2018
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Nowadays resources are running out quickly, it’s necessary to consider how the construction industry influences the environment using different materials and sources during all the building’s life cycle. For this reason, in every transformation phases it’s necessary to consider concepts as sustainability and green buildings. These are diffused from hundreds kind of green assessment tools, developed to measure sustainability goals in building sector and to compare the project with possible best practices or other green buildings.
Post date: 20 Jul 2018
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This paper presents a case study of a sustainable certification of a building renovation. The new LEED® rating system, GBC Historic BuildingTM protocol, proposed by Green Building Council Italy and addressed to Italian historical heritage, was applied to the High School “A. Canova” in Treviso, chosen because it was built before 1945 and it required a restoration work.
Post date: 28 Jun 2018
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by Heather Clancy     One of the largest commercial LED lighting installations projects in the world — the retrofit of more than 4,500 JPMorgan Chase branches by General Electric's energy division, Current — started life as a proposal for a far-more-modest pilot project.  
Post date: 11 Dec 2017
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LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a national certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to encourage the construction of energy and resource-efficient buildings that are healthy to live in.  
Post date: 7 Dec 2017
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at the LEED European Summit in Berlin on 27 April, Green Business Certification, Inc (GBCI) President and CEO Mahesh Ramanujam announced the opening of a new office in Europe. Located in Munich, GBCI Europe will help drive the adoption of green building and business practices across the region, fostering global competitiveness and enhancing environmental performance and human health benefits. GBCI is the premier organization independently recognizing excellence in green building industry performance and practice globally.
Post date: 3 May 2017
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The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the organisation that has developed the leading international certification system for green buildings, has announced that the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) has received a Platinum level LEED certification, the highest possible rating for environmentally conscious and sustainable buildings.  
Post date: 21 Nov 2016
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Demand for commissioning (Cx) is steadily increasing and a Navigant report showed that nearly 70 per cent of respondents identified green building certifications as a driver of Cx demand.   Fundamental Cx is mandatory fo LEED certification while enhanced commissioning brings in two additional credits resulting in a better rating.  
Post date: 21 Jul 2016
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Certifications for sustainable construction materials and buildings are amply available. But to what extent is the market ready to invest in them?     The European construction industry and home-builder citizens are increasingly aware of sustainable choices. Some solutions can be more expensive than others, although sometimes this only concerns the construction phase. It’s not so much about whether people want to pay ‘a price supplement’ for sustainability, but rather about when the economy takes over from awareness again.
Post date: 17 May 2016
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