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In 2020, the energy transition is entering a new phase: the new EU Green Deal, new legislation and programmes in Member States to implement the Clean Energy Package and, in general, a new momentum for climate protection.  
Post date: 17 Jan 2020
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This publication aims at providing European Union (EU) policymakers with an actionable toolbox for mobilising private finance for climate-friendly investments. It identifies a list of exhaustive policy actions which includes a number of policy measures that will support the growth of the green bonds market. 
Post date: 21 Apr 2015
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Here you can download the PDF version of this Overview article (see below under 'Additional documents').Enjoy reading, and feel free to send a comment of your own! 
Post date: 11 Apr 2013
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The Intelligent Energy-Europe is a programme launched by the European Commission in 2003 as a means of supporting the energy efficiency and renewable energy policies which bring the EU closer to its 2020 targets.   The IEE programme is composed of three different financing streams:  
Post date: 26 Mar 2013
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Post date: 30 Nov 2012
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Now in its twelfth year, the conference will host an impressive range of speakers from EU institutions, as well as from public authorities and energy agencies across Europe.This year’s conference will focus on sustainable energy investments, with sessions and speeches devoted to:
Post date: 17 May 2012
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ManagEnergy is committed to provide high quality and easily accessible information in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency for local and regional actions. The ManagEnergy website plays a key role in that effort as a tool for promotion and dissemination! Currently, a whole range of resources are available through the website for you to discover:
Post date: 11 Jul 2011
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