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The report’s major findings for 2011 include: • 29.7 GW of PV systems were connected to the grid in 2011, up from 16.8 GW in 2010; in terms of installed systems the estimated numbers are a minimum of 24.7 GW in 2011, up from a maximum of 21.8 GW in 2010 • With approximately 70 GW cumulative global installations, PV is now, after hydro and wind power, the third most important renewable energy source in terms of globally installed capacity
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In Belgium, the national consumer association has recently published an analyse of the regional certification schemes for dwellings. I know that this has been done in France too. My question is : are you aware of such studies in your own country ? Morover, are you aware of other market reactions in your country (newspapers, blogs, forums) ? Thanks
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In order to examine the attitudes of individual builders and real estate experts, two surveys were compiled. A questionnaire was sent out to individual house owners in all countries inquiring about details of the constructed house as well as about attitudes and beliefs about low-energy construction. Another questionnaire was sent out to different representatives in the construction field in order to find out the experts´ attitudes.
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Over 40 people from Europe’s leading boiler manufacturers, energy companies and micro-CHP technology companies took part in the 6th Annual Delta ‘Micro-CHP in Europe’ Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark on 6th June 2011. This paper provides highl Higlights of the Summit. - Delta's Market Update - Danish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Programme - Stirling engines hit the market in Europe, fuel cells in Japan – and some progress in the US - Micro-CHP as a Virtual Power Plant - What does micro-CHP ‘do’ for the customer?
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Presntation shown at the "Premières Rencontres de la Pompe à Chaleur", organised by AFPAC, CETIAT and UNICLIMA in July 2011 - Lyon, France 
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