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This presentation discusses the role for Member States to stimulate financial support for energy efficiency and was given by Tatiana Bosteels, Head of Responsible Property, Hermes Fund Managers /Head of the IIGCC Property Working Group. More detail about the stakeholder conference on financial support for energy efficiency is found here.
Post date: 28 May 2012
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”Buyers are paying attention to whether a house has a B or an E energy rating, and they have seriously begun to factor energy costs into their calculations of how much they are willing to spend on a house,” said Torben Kaas, director of the Danish Construction Association. Real estate agents are seeing the same tendency. ”Location is still the most important parameter, but reasonable energy costs have overtaken both the new kitchen and new bath as the new number two consideration,” said Steen Winther Petersen, chairman for The Danish Association of Chartered Estate Agents.
Post date: 11 Jul 2011
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ISA founder members including Redevco, Barclays, ING REIM and BNP Paribas Real Estate have provided data from around 100 buildings across Europe to produce pan-European benchmarks, and more specific metrics for seven countries and two sectors, office and retail.
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