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The 1st Train the Trainers (TtT) event took place in Prague on 18 and 19 January 2023. The programme addresses application of the Circular Economy interventions in the construction value chain framework and the Circular Construction Skills qualification framework.  
Post date: 25 Jan 2023
Type: News

European Builders Confederation (EBC), European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) and European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) are organising the final high-level event of the Erasmus+ Construction Blueprint for Skills project
Post date: 24 Jan 2023
Type: Event

The development of new technologies in the building industry has influenced the working construction cycle.
Post date: 18 Jan 2023
Type: Publication

The HP4ALL project has created a Knowledge Hub in which a user can find all the information concerning heat pumps installation and skills development.
Post date: 11 Jan 2023
Type: Tool

Join the discussion on the key skills needed to decarbonise our built environment and network!   What skills do we need to decarbonise our built environment? How can we address skills and labour shortages in the industry, and reach net zero by 2050?​ Ireland has set ambitious climate and retrofit targets.   
Post date: 3 Jan 2023
Type: Event

The deployment of heat pumps can save energy and money, reduce emissions and increase energy systems more flexible. As energy prices are increasing and policies are targeted to phase out boilers, the deployment of heat pumps is speeding rapidly.  
Post date: 22 Dec 2022
Type: Publication

Some of the main features are:  
Post date: 14 Dec 2022
Type: Publication

The European Heat Pump Association has identified skills development and demands as being critical within the EU market if the target of more than 2 million heat pump (HP) installations per annum by 2024 is to be achieved. The HP market is predicted to double by 2023 across Europe. The majority of these installations will be designed for and installed in residential or non-residential buildings.  
Post date: 13 Dec 2022
Type: Event

Heritage conservation has always drawn the necessary information for the preservation of monuments, art and cultural assets from the individual scientific disciplines and linked this information to get statements related to the specific heritage object – be it a building or work of art. Developments in the individual disciplines therefore also lead to new approaches of heritage conservation. This means that due to the increasing digitalisation of information, classical monument conservation is undergoing a profound change.
Post date: 5 Dec 2022
Type: News

Every professional involved in any way in the European construction industry should be well aware of Churchill’s broad concept of the reciprocal effect of the building design and the wellbeing of its users. With carefully selected words he stated that “We shape the buildings and thereafter, they shape us” and we all harmoniously agree.  
Post date: 28 Nov 2022
Type: News