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  European Utility Week conference and exhibition will take place on 15-17 November 2016 at Fira Barcelona Gran Via, in Barcelona, Spain.  
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The term ‘smart grid’ is used for electrical grids that include at least some of the following operational and energy measures: smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy contributions and energy efficiency resources. Smart meters are electronic devices that record the electricity consumption in short intervals and communicate it to the utility and/or the consumer. Together with smart appliances, e.g.
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More than 7 million houses across Great Britain will benefit from ~€1.4bn mass roll-out programme backed by the European Investment Bank distributing smart energy technology. The new scheme supports British Government’s plans to ensure that smart meters are installed in over 53 million gas and electricity meters in every home and business in the Great Britain by 2020. The energy industry has spent the last four years learning, testing, trialling and developing how the roll-out will work in practice.  The mass roll-out will begin in 2016. 
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The Landscape Report 2012 depicts the Smart Meter development in each country using a common methodology and displays the different speeds in respect of the topic of Smart Meter. These different speeds and approaches in the Member States are represented through the classification in the following categories: dynamic movers, market drivers, ambitious movers, waverers, laggards. Countries such as Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, UK, Spain and Sweden are „dynamic movers".
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Mit der "Intelligente Messgeräte-Einführungsverordnung" vom April 2012 ist der Fahrplan für Smart Metering in Österreich festgelegt. Bis 2015 sollen 15%, bis 2017 17% und bis 2019 95% der Kunden mit Smart Metern ausgestattet sein. Wo steht Österreich damit im Vergleich zu den anderen EU-Staaten? Welche vorbildhaften Projekte und Dienstleistungen gibt es europaweit bereits? Diese Fragen beantwortet der im Rahmen des EU-Projektes Smart Regions von der Österreichischen Energieagentur soeben publizierte European Smart Metering Landscape Report 2012.
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