sustainable urban development

This event, organised by the Association of European Gypsum Industries (Eurogypsum), will take place on 27 September 2017 from 9am to 1pm in Brussels, Belgium. The event aims to demonstrate solutions to overcome the challenges in urban housing, by promoting affordable and modern ways to speedily increase available housing, a better quality and more sustainable living, and an optimised cost of investment.
Post date: 8 Jun 2017
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The DREAM consortium, led by the City of Guimarães (Portugal) in cooperation with the University of Minho, will hold an event at the university which will take place on Friday 23 June 2017 (09:30-13:00) in the context of the EUSEW 2017 Energy Days. The event provides the opportunity to promote a full-scale demonstration of innovative solutions to generate pioneering knowledge and models within the SmartCities paradigm.
Post date: 29 May 2017
Type: Event

The Energy Week in Belgrade, Serbia, which will take place from 29 May to 2 June 2017 in the context of the EUSEW 2017 Energy days, aims to raise public awareness of the many issues and challenges related to energy.   The event will discuss:  
Post date: 26 May 2017
Type: Event

REMOURBAN (REgeneration MOdel for smart URBAN transformation) is a lighthouse Horizon 2020 project whose ultimate goal is to design and validate an urban regeneration model in the cities of Nottingham (UK), Valladolid (Spain) and Tepebasi/Eskisehir (Turkey), while maximising its replication potential in two follower cities, Seraing (Belgium) and Miskolc (Hungary).  
Post date: 19 May 2017
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Update 30 May 2017: The event's recordings are now available here.     The challenge to develop smart cities is not only a technological challenge but also a regulatory, financial and social one. In fact, some non-technical issues may be more challenging to resolve than the technological barriers and the success of a project can depend on this.  
Post date: 16 May 2017
Type: Event

After nearly two years of collaboration between ten partners from Spain, Croatia, Poland and the Netherlands, the FosterREG project is coming to an end.    FosterREG is a European Horizon 2020 project aimed at enhancing the capacity of public authorities to plan, finance and manage integrated urban regeneration for sustainable energy uptake.
Post date: 15 May 2017
Type: News

  On 19 May 2017, the smart cities of Bilbao, Vitoria, Valladolid, Mogel and San Sebastian will meet in Bilbao, Spain, to share their experiences with national and European stakeholders, and discuss how to make our cities more energy efficient and better places to live in.  
Post date: 12 May 2017
Type: Event

The Zagreb Energy Week, which will be held from 8 to 13 May 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia,  presents a complex mosaic of a whole range of activities with the aim of including all generations and stakeholders in a long-term fight against climate change. The event's message “Development we don’t want to stop, but pollution we can!” calls upon joint action in implementing projects for sustainable urban development and the preservation of natural resources for future generations.  
Post date: 28 Apr 2017
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Low Carbon Solutions for Urban Development Challenges     The Solutions Gateway is an online resource platform for Local Governments where they will be able to find possible Low Emissions Development (LED) Solutions for their cities.  
Post date: 21 Apr 2017
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  The international conference ‘Smart Sustainable Cities 2017 – Viable Solutions’ (SSC2017) will take place on 14 June 2017 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. During the conference, over 200 young potentials and industrial, educational & governmental organisations from all over Europe will  exchange ideas about the smart sustainable city of the future. The conference offers a stage for brand, project or business exposure, business networking opportunities, as well as access to information, education and much more.  
Post date: 11 Apr 2017
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