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Low Carbon Solutions for Urban Development Challenges     The Solutions Gateway is an online resource platform for Local Governments where they will be able to find possible Low Emissions Development (LED) Solutions for their cities.  
Post date: 21 Apr 2017
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  The international conference ‘Smart Sustainable Cities 2017 – Viable Solutions’ (SSC2017) will take place on 14 June 2017 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. During the conference, over 200 young potentials and industrial, educational & governmental organisations from all over Europe will  exchange ideas about the smart sustainable city of the future. The conference offers a stage for brand, project or business exposure, business networking opportunities, as well as access to information, education and much more.  
Post date: 11 Apr 2017
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Energy initiatives at community level: small to big European towns implementing integrated solutions at city level.   Monday, 06 March 2017 13:30 – 14:30 CET Time   This is the second of a series of five webinars for FREE that the MEnS project delivers for its e-learning platform.  
Post date: 27 Feb 2017
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By Frankie Downy, Manager of C40’s Private Building Efficiency Network     When stepping off a train or plane to visit a city for the first time, you wonder: will it live up to expectations, will it look like it does in the movies? Then the towering skyline of New York City, Hong Kong or Tokyo hits you and it takes your breath away. As a tourist it’s exciting; however, viewed through the lens of a policy maker with the task of making those buildings energy efficient, it’s a daunting prospect.  
Post date: 21 Feb 2017
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Seven Innovative City Programmes for Existing Building Energy Efficiency    
Post date: 20 Feb 2017
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Although many cities and regions have engaged in an energy transition, fincancing sustainable energy measures remains a great challenge.  Project investment costs are high and it seems difficult to cover them using the municipal budget and traditional financing methods only.
Post date: 6 Feb 2017
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The International Conference on Design & Sustainable Innovation for Smart Cities will take place on 8 December 2016 in Nice, France. The event will feature professionals from leading research institutes and industry gathering to present key initiatives which combine Energy Efficiency and Service Design for Smart Cities. In addition to live presentations, there will be interactive demo sessions for participants to engage with the products and systems that will be presented.  
Post date: 2 Nov 2016
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The New Urban Agenda is an action-oriented document which sets global standards of achievement in sustainable urban development, rethinking the way we build, manage, and live in cities through drawing together cooperation with committed partners, relevant stakeholders, and urban actors at all levels of government as well as the private sector.  
Post date: 21 Oct 2016
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