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The ERA Report presents the Industrial technology roadmap for circular technologies and business models has already named offsite production automation as a beneficial pathway toward Carbon-Zero circular construction industry. ISOCELL has been the vanguard of Industry 4.0 in the context of Thermal Insulation Installation.  
Post date: 10 Mar 2023
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The Entech smart energies is an industrial building specialised in electrical energy storage and conversion in France and abroad. The building is a timber construction and it has renewables installed, such as a photovoltaic system with with 395 kWp.   Concerning PHPP values:  
Post date: 28 Feb 2023
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The thermal envelope is a key design element of the Smart Living Lab building, not only because of the role it plays in achieving net-zero environmental targets, but also because it enables the implementation of scientific studies and real-life experiments. The findings of the study will benefit the construction industry specifically and the built environment generally.  
Post date: 13 Sep 2022
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A green roof has been installed on the El Campillo municipal market in Valladolid (Spain). The intervention is one of the nature-based solutions implemented by the EU project URBAN GreenUP. The Spanish city of Valladolid has installed a green roof on top of its El Campillo market.  
Post date: 10 Jun 2021
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Concept and objectives:   Thermal insulation of construction and building elements has become the most important measure to enhance energy savings in new and existing building stock. Stricter regulations (such as 2019/2021 EU Buildings Directive) have led to the use of huge thicknesses of standard insulation, almost always EPS and XPS.   An efficient use of a porous cementitious system as a thermal insulation material depends mainly on its air content.
Post date: 10 Mar 2021
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Ministerstvo dopravy a výstavby Slovenskej republiky, Technický a skúšobný ústav stavebný, n.o., Slovenská komora stavebných inžinierov, Zväz stavebných podnikateľov Slovenska, ŠÁLA-MODI, spol. s.r.o.,   Slovenská stavebná vedecko-technická spoločnosť- člen Zväzu slovenských vedeckotechnických spoločností Vás pozývajú na 21. medzinárodnú konferenciu TEPELNÁ OCHRANA BUDOV 2021: Podstata zabezpečenia energetickej hospodárnosti budov.  
Post date: 28 Dec 2020
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HoHo Vienna is one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world and a lighthouse project for sustainable timber construction. Thanks to the level of thermal insulation, resource conservation, energy efficiency and sound insulation, it has been awarded with the certification LEED Gold and ÖGNB gold from the Austrian Society for Sustainable Buildings.  
Post date: 1 Jun 2020
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Due to the Covid-19 containment measures, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.   Join us on Thursday 18th June, 14:00-15:30 for an update on our Plastics in Construction Group and Dragon's Den pitch event.   Programme  
Post date: 5 May 2020
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Built in 2019, the Eisbärhaus was designed as a passive building comprising two units. Building materials were selected according to guidelines provided by the Austrian environmental association Umweltverband Vorarlberger Gemeindehaus. All exterior walls consist of wooden timbers treated with cellulose to provide thermal insulation (layer thickness: 42cm).  
Post date: 5 Feb 2020
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Onze wereld ‘as built’ vandaag en morgen is steeds in evolutie. Het zoeken naar een evenwicht in de 4 basiselementen van het leven, “aarde-water-vuur-lucht”, heeft de mensheid steeds doen overleven. De isolatielaag als onderdeel van het beschermd volume moet de bewoner/gebruiker in een harmonieus en aangenaam evenwicht brengen met de 4 bovenstaande natuurelementen.   
Post date: 10 Dec 2019
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