An Open Source Low-Cost Wireless Control System for a Forced Circulation Solar Plant 
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'Stadbildplanung Dortmund' converts run-down public housing estate in Germany's struggling Ruhr Valley into a fully rented Jewel!
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This guide from the French regional programme "Programme Énergie Climat Bourgogne" in Burgundy presents the key points to build and renovate a building and achieve good energy efficiency. It tells you what an energy efficient building is and its advantages, detailing concise information on insulation and thermal bridges, efficient windows, airtightness, ventilation, high efficiency heating, good use of renewables, energy performance certification as well as a small glossary on thermal terms.  
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Sanierungsvorhaben an Schulgebäuden zu planen und erfolgreich durchzuführen gehört zu den Aufgaben, die Bürger und Fachwelt mit großem Respekt betrachten. Wichtig dabei ist, im Vorfeld alle relevanten Aspekte einzubeziehen, um zu sinnvollen Lösungen für das komplexe System „Schule“ zu gelangen. Den Impuls, eine Hilfestellung zu erarbeiten, gab die Gemeinsame Deutsche Arbeitsschutzstrategie (GDA) mit dem Ziel, Sicherheit und Gesundheit der Beschäftigten weiter zu verbessern.
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Open Regional Fund for South East Europe - Energy Efficiency is implementing the project under the working title Monitoring and Verification Platform (MVP) in the South East European countries on behalf of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Project activities are part of the work program of the Energy Efficiency Coordination Group within Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna (
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The issue of energy efficiency in the field of construction has attracted considerable efforts since 2006, when Regione Lombardia began to outline, well in advance of the other Italian regions, a system for buildings’ energy performance certification, according to the criteria contained in the regional law for the reduction of greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere (which at the time was being developed, and was approved on December 11, 2006).
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The guide has been developed with the collaboration of GRUPOTEC and the Energy Technological Institute (ITE).Content (chapters):Historical introduction renewable energy in buildings  Solar thermalMedia Temperature Solar Thermal  Photovoltaics  Mini-WindEnergy   biomassLow enthalpy geothermalHydrothermal  Micro-cogeneration
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