The Constructive Solutions Catalog of energy building renovation was designed as a tool to help engineers deal with building renovations. In order to propose actions for improving existing buildings it is necessary to become familiar with the constructive solutions used in the past. In this regard, the catalog contains a wide range of constructive elements which make up the thermal envelope of buildings, used in buildings constructed in Spain from the 40s to the 80s.
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Key Finding: Green Home Labels Add 9 Percent Price Premium
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Les principales questions abordées au fil du guide :Sur le plan réglementaire :• Les dernières réglementations marquent-elles vraiment une rupture ?• Les labels français, suisse et allemand sont-ils si différents ?En matière de conception :• Comment évaluer le confort d’été ?• Quels sont les principes d’architecture bioclimatique à appliquer ?• Quels sont les postes consommateurs les plus critiques ?• Quelles modifications sur les pratiques de conception ?• Quelles sont les spécificités d’un projet de rénovation ?
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Refurbishment guides for inspection and intervention are needed by the current stock of residential buildings for several reasons. Some of these are:
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Normal 0 21 29 households, 78 inhabitants (64% between 20 and 65 years, 26% under 20 years and 20% over 65 years).
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Section 6 covers the energy efficiency for non-domestic buildings. Such buildings include: factories, offices, shops, warehousing, hotels, hospitals, hostels and also buildings used for assembly and entertainment.
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