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The Covenant of Mayors is the world's largest movement for local climate and energy actions.    The EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy brings together thousands of local governments voluntarily committed to implementing EU climate and energy objectives.  
Post date: 12 Dec 2019
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Utility Business Model Transformation through human-centric behavioural interventions and ICT tools for Energy Efficiency Current Problem  
Post date: 11 Dec 2019
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PADOVA KEEPS IN SHAPE!   An initiative for the energy refurbishment of multi-property residential buildings of the city of Padova   A Financing Investment Tool for the retrofitting of housing and service facility buildings in the PADOVA area  
Post date: 11 Dec 2019
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Financing scheme for Energy Efficiency and Renewable energy Guaranteed in Deep renovation of building stock   FinEERGo-Dom is an ambitious 4-year project led by a consortium of experienced partners from seven (7) countries – KAPE (Poland), National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (Poland), ESEB (Latvia), Econoler (Bulgaria), Austrian Energy Agency (Austria), Funding for Future (Netherlands), Mattig Management Partners (Slovakia and Romania) and Stage AI (Bulgaria).
Post date: 13 Nov 2019
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Solutions to Tackle Energy Poverty (STEP) is a project to develop a simple, innovative and replicable model of measures to address energy poverty.   The project covers some of the countries with the highest rates of energy poverty in Europe. These are Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.   There are three specific objectives:  
Post date: 21 Oct 2019
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The De-risking Energy Efficiency Platform (DEEP) is an open source database for energy efficiency investments performance monitoring and benchmarking that provides detailed analysis and evidence on the performance of energy efficiency investments to support the assessment of the related benefits and financial risks.  
Post date: 11 Apr 2019
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Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) construction and renovation need an enhanced systematic approach for the quality control of the entire process. This is the first prerequisite to reduce the gap between designed (predicted) and actual performances of buildings, both in terms of energy efficiency and in indoor environmental quality. The most important part of this enhanced quality control approach is a fully qualified and equipped workforce, capable to implement, execute and perform all the necessary labor actions with a full understanding of the responsibility of
Post date: 12 Mar 2019
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In January 2019 the European Commission published the third report on energy prices and costs in Europe. Published every two years, this most recent report finds that wholesale energy prices have fallen in recent years due to increasing competition on wholesale markets from greater amounts of renewable energy, improved interconnections and a more integrated internal electricity market.  
Post date: 11 Jan 2019
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The call for a new edition of the twinning programme of the European Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy is now open. The Covenant twinning programme offers cities, regions and provinces across Europe the opportunity to take part in twinning exchanges that aim to increase local authorities’ capacity and knowledge to mitigate and adapt to climate change.   The programme is open to:
Post date: 27 Jul 2018
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EAE's Polish member association Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Systemów Ociepleń (SSO) is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2018 with its 5th ETICS International Conference. The variety of topics covers aspects of product assessments, inspections, and latest information on technical developments related to External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS). Speakers represent different parties involved in the construction process, such as research and test institutes, associations, supervisors. Speakers from different EU Member States will have lectures.
Post date: 4 May 2018
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