Individual Building Renovation Roadmaps - My path towards an energy efficient home     iBRoad project, funded by the Horizon 2020 European programme, aims at exploring, designing, developing and demonstrating the concept of individual Building Renovation Roadmaps. With the innovative approach proposed, the project aims to become a real driver for deep renovation.  
Post date: 15 Nov 2017
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  Brussels, 6 November 2017     The European Union expects this year's United Nations climate conference (COP23) to reaffirm once again the international community's commitment to stepping up the global response to climate change and achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.    
Post date: 7 Nov 2017
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COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, THE COUNCIL, THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COMMITTEE, THE COMMITTEE OF THE REGIONS, AND THE EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK - COM(2016) 763 final     Accelerating the transition to a low-carbon competitive economy is both an urgent necessity and a tremendous opportunity for Europe. It is a central challenge of our time. Failure may put our welfare at stake. Success would open unprecedented economic opportunities and new avenues to prosperity, welfare and growth.  
Post date: 31 Oct 2017
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  On 27 October 2017, the European Commission announced how it will allocate €30 billion of the EU research and innovation funding programme Horizon 2020 during 2018-2020, including €2.7 billion to kick-start a European Innovation Council.  
Post date: 27 Oct 2017
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  On 4 October 2017, in the context of the October infringements package, the European Commission announced that they are sending a letter of formal notice requesting Spain to ensure the correct implementation of the EU legislation on energy efficiency (Energy Efficiency Directive, Directive 2012/27/EU).  
Post date: 5 Oct 2017
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The Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC) Green Building Symposium is known for green progress in Polish property industry, and an energetic platform for ideas, collaboration, partnership and learning. It is where the principles and passions of the green building community are galvanised and grow.  
Post date: 26 Sep 2017
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The European ETICS Forum has established as a high-level European platform for information and communication about thermal insulation of buildings. The 4th edition will take place on 5 October 2017 in Warsaw.  
Post date: 4 Sep 2017
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Punktem wyjścia do ich zorganizowania były wnioski z marcowego spotkania (pt. Czy pakiet KE ‘Czysta energia dla wszystkich Europejczyków’ pomoże w walce ze smogiem w Polsce?). Jego uczestnicy zauważyli, że skutecznie działający system świadectw może być narzędziem służącym poprawie efektywności energetycznej budynków. Kontynuując tą myśl chcielibyśmy w gronie ekspertów poddać ewaluacji funkcjonujące w Polsce rozwiązania i zastanowić się nad ich przyszłością.
Post date: 21 Aug 2017
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REGULATION (EU) 2017/1369 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 4 July 2017 setting a framework for energy labelling and repealing Directive 2010/30/EU    
Post date: 2 Aug 2017
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The 6th Smart City Forum, which will take place on 20-21 September 2017 in Warsaw, Poland, is the response to the global transformation taking place in the field of construction and functioning of cities and towns that are becoming smart, notwithstanding their level of development. This transformation affects multiple aspects of life, from transport, through ecology, power engineering and construction, to development of new methods of communication with residents.  
Post date: 26 Jul 2017
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